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I once read that a Folk Artist was a person who practiced their art without formal training or education in their chosen craft. By this definition, I am a folk photographer. My talents are derived from a sort of fundamental - old school understanding of how a camera captures an image, a love for my subject and patience to wait for the light.

Ironically I suppose, my appreciation for beautiful landscapes began on the Moon. In my youth I built a rather large telescope and with it spent as many favorable nights as I could observing the ever changing beauty of our closest neighbor. On these nights, watching breathtaking lunar mountain ranges and vast walled craters erupt from the inky darkness, I learned how important the angle and influence of light on a landscape.

Occasionally, the light hits our world just so. In such fleeting moments, a scene we might see everyday can become an evocative image - a brief glimpse of the real beauty of this world.  As a photographer, I strive to capture some of these moments, and in turn share them with others.

I hope that you enjoy and I thank you for your support.


Photography Awards

Commendation - Carved in Sand

2010 Sony World Photography Awards - Canes France

Commendation - Inhabited Places

2012 Sony World Photography Awards - London England

Commendation - Moonridge I

2012 Sony World Photography Awards - London England

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