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High Quality photographic prints are available of any images found on my site.  Each print is individually produced and is printed with a border/title bar - just as they are seen in the galleries. Each piece is produced with finest quality  Canon RC lustre paper and genuine Canon Chroma 100 inks. The sizes here reflect a range of commonly available frame sizes. Some images not available in all sizes, please inquire.


           Print size-inches             size code                       Price - (can)

                  8x10                    (C1)                         $ 20.00

           16x20                   (C2)                         $ 80.00

            8x12                    (F1)                         $ 25.00

           12x18                   (F2)                         $ 50.00

           18x24                   (F3)                         $ 95.00

           24x36                   (F4)                         $215.00


Prices do not include shipping, multi-print orders can be shipped together to reduce shipping costs. 

Prices do not  include 5% GST. 

To order prints or for more information, please contact me with the form

provided on the contact page. 

Visa and MasterCard accepted


Print size-inches size code Price - (can)